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Back End Developer

Dev – Toronto, Ontario
Department Dev
Employment Type Full time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

Here’s the deal

Our platform is Node, Express, and Mongo on AWS. Right now we’re moving it from a monolithic service with a few front-end (React & Angular) consumers to a set of microservices that back an API with multiple consumers and more to come.

The platform team is small and growing fast, and we want you to help us build this thing. We need to build for scale (enough to hold all the world’s product information) and reliability (enough to earn the right to store that information). We want newrelic to feel happy about us, and for our ops bots in slack to become boring and silent.

 What we’ll look for

  • You’ve spent time developing your technical skills and understanding.  You have projects and code to show us.
  • That platform description up there gets your attention, and you have opinions and follow-up questions.
  • You are an engine for raw output, a positive and resourceful member of the team, and a source for new learning and techniques for the rest of us.
  • You understand our systems and processes, operate effectively and get a lot of real work done..
  • You know how to ask for help when you need it, and to communicate about what you’re up to.
  • You identify problems and look for solutions that the rest of us might not see.
  • You are eager to build up your technical depth
  • You don’t suck as a person. No assholes, no matter how good your code is. We’re not kidding – don’t bring that into our house.

What we can offer

We’re building a platform and a company with real impact and global scale, and you’re getting in early enough to make it your own. The entire vision for the company is centered on the data we collect, and the platform team are charged with managing it. Your work is going to matter a lot. Hubba will invest in you, help you be better, help you find good targets to work on and connect you with senior peers for technical mentoring.

We’re using a modern stack, have an intelligent process, test our code, and measure as we build. The team is light on ego and high on curiosity. The senior leadership are grown ups who have built things before and are building a business, not a frat house.

That’s either gonna feel right to you or it’s not, but that’s what we’re about.

If you’re interested, let us know why we should talk. We believe that diverse teams build better companies and better products, so while we’ll happily talk to anyone, we’d particularly like to invite you to apply if you hail from one of tech’s under-represented groups. We’re trying to build a really special team here and we hope you’ll help


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